Forza Lele!

Dear all,

last Tuesday 19:45 in Ravenna, Emanuele „Lele“ Panizza, a fellow triathlete from my former team (T.T.RA) suffered an accident during cycling training. The hit against a car broke several ribs that punctured both lungs, some bone shards have also caused a lesion to the vertebral column. He is still under intensive care in the „Bufalini“ hospital in Cesena where there is a specialized center for this kind of injuries. I raced with a „Forza LELE“ T-shirt at the last Landesliga sprint, as the T.T.RA team members did. This was literally the minimum we could do to show our support. Here’s the link to the website of Leles team:

Thank you all in advance for the support I know you will show. Let’s all cross our fingers, hoping to see him riding back with us soon


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